Frequently asked questions

How can I order ice cream?

A new flavor will become available each week on website in limited quantities and sells out quickly, sometimes within a minute. There is no physical store front. The main differences with Hotplate vs traditional method: your cart will be saved for 5 minutes so you dont need to rush through your info. This will also lead to less connection issues. Pick up times will be displayed before ordering is live and you will also receive text reminders instead of an email confirmation. Overall, it is a cleaner, simplier checkout and confirmation page. ______________________________________________ For the ordering process, each week alternates between "First Come, First Serve" orders and a Lottery system (more details in the next Q). There is no set schedule so follow us on Instagram (@ atozcreamery) to stay up to date on when flavors will be released. Subscribe on the bottom of to get flavor updates if you arent on IG.

How do I get the ice cream after a purchase?

Pick up times are posted in the description box for each flavor. The location is 703 Mainstreet, Hopkins, MN 55343 but it is pick up only, not a store front. We cannot accept walk ins. For all orders, there will be a noted minute pick up window for each time listed. Failure to pick up will result in a forfeited pint with no refund as we have limited freezer space.

Will you repeat flavors?

We will repeat flavors very infrequently. We always have new ideas brewing and want to experiment with unique combinations as much as we can.

How long will the ice cream keep?

If you're able to not devour your pint within hours, there is a best by date on the back of the pint. We suggest eating within 2 weeks for best quality but 6 months before iciness and texture changes affect the product. BB 062021-01 means best buy Jun of 2021. This means the ice cream was manufactured in December of 2020.

Will you ever have a store front?

There's no store front at this time, but you may see us pop up in other places as we grow.

Do you ship?

We do not ship at this time.

What makes your ice cream unique?

We make our own ice cream base with a blend of milk, cream, sugar and other ingredients for a true homemade and one-of-a-kind experience. Most places use pre-made ice cream mix and add natural or artificial flavorings to make each of their flavors. Since ours is house made, we can alter our base recipe when adding in other ingredients like chocolate, cookies, peanut butter, cheesecake, and more to create the perfect texture and flavor profile every time.

Is there a lottery system?

Currently, we alternate weekly between "First Come, First Serve" and a Lottery. "First Come, First Serve" is the traditional system where orders are accepted whoever places them first. Instagram posts and emails will go out before flavors are live. For the lottery, an email will be sent out to those subscribed letting you know when the site is accepting submissions. Enter your email during the time frame to enter the drawing. Names are randomly selected and if you are chosen, you'll receive an email with order info to purchase one pint.