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  • How can I order ice cream?
    A new flavor will become available each week at in limited quantities and sells out quickly, sometimes within a minute. Details on the drop are given on Instagram (@atozcreamery) and in emails if you are subscribed (you can do so on the bottom of the homepage under the "Subscribe" function).
  • What does the ordering process look like?
    Customers can order online until sold out aka "First Come, First Serve" and then pick up at the shop. "First Come, First Serve" is the traditional system where orders are accepted whoever places them first. Instagram posts and emails will go out before flavors are live letting you know a general time.
  • How do I get the ice cream after a purchase?
    The location of pick up is 703 Mainstreet, Hopkins, MN 55343 (this is not a walk in store front). For all orders, there will be a multiple pick up windows to choose from. If you miss your pick up slot, has other times listed.
  • What makes your ice cream unique?
    We make our own ice cream base with a blend of milk, cream, sugar and other ingredients for a true homemade and one-of-a-kind experience. Most places use pre-made ice cream mix and add natural or artificial flavorings to make each of their flavors. Since ours is house made, we can alter our base recipe when adding in other ingredients like chocolate, cookies, peanut butter, cheesecake, and more to create the perfect texture and flavor profile every time.
  • Will you repeat flavors?
    We will repeat flavors very infrequently. We always have new ideas brewing and want to experiment with unique combinations as much as we can. At the beginning of each year, we will repeat the 4-5 most popular flavors from the year before.
  • How long will the ice cream keep?
    If you're able to not devour your pint within hours, there is a best by date on the back of the pint. We suggest eating within 2 weeks for best/freshest quality but 3 months before iciness and texture changes affect the product. BB 102022-001 means best buy October of 2022. 001 means this was out first batch made in the month of October.
  • Will you ever have a store front?
    There's no store front at this time, but you may see us pop up in other places as we grow.
  • Do you ship?
    We do not ship at this time.
  • Do you offer refunds for missed pick ups?
    We understand things happen, and pick ups are missed. If you miss your slot, you can come to any other time listed for that flavor at If you fail to come to a pick up window that week or contact us within one day of the last pick up slot, the pint is forfeited without refund. For example, if the last pickup is on a Monday, you have until the end of the day Tuesday to contact us about a pick up. Due to the nature of our business model and limited staff, we cannot afford to hold onto and keep track of orders for more than a week. Thanks for understanding!
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